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Tyrant’s Blessing Ücretsiz İndir (PC İçin) Konusu Hikayesi


Tyrant’s Blessing is a game that tells the story of Tyberia, a land where the Tyrant has landed promising a paradise without war, suffering, and death. To enter his paradise, the Tyberians only need to die at the hands of his Dead Army. Thousands of people perished in the Tyrant’s wake, only to be brought back as undying thralls by his magic. Now, the few remaining living warriors are scattered across the remnants of their homeland, searching tirelessly for a way to turn the tables on the tyrannical Tyrant.

You will lead a great Uprising against the Tyrant, defeat his Dead Army, and drive him back into the depths of the sea from where he came. In this tactical turn-based game, your ability to plan, adapt, and strategize is more important than simply maximizing your units or finding the sharpest sword in the hoard.

Every day, you will select battles, make challenging choices, and use the strengths of your rag-tag insurgents cleverly to defeat the undead hordes and maybe, just maybe, bring life back to Tyberia. Before bringing the battle to the Tyrant’s doorstep, you must ensure that you live long enough to reclaim the Island. You must decide whether to fight, rescue the living from the Undying, or gather your strength. Every choice you make matters throughout every day of the Uprising.

As you fight your way across Tyberia, you will face random encounters that force difficult decisions. Will you intervene and fight highwaymen, putting your warriors at risk? Will you try to save a child, risking valuable time and resources? Your morals and ideals hold the answer. Carefully pick your heroic roster. Screeg, the elder wizard advising the Uprising, can only teleport three heroes and a pet at once. Will you send in your elite warriors or rookies to train and hold the line? Are they up to the task? Can you handle the consequences?

Tyrants-Blessing-Screenshots-Steamrip.jpg (600×337)

Tyrants-Blessing-Steamrip.jpg (600×337)


  • İşletim Sistemi: Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • İşlemci: 2 GHz veya daha iyisi
  • Bellek: 1 GB RAM
  • Ekran Kartı: GPU Intel UHD Graphics 630


  • Tarz: Bağımsız, RPG, Strateji
  • Geliştirici: Mercury Oyun Stüdyosu
  • Peron: Kişisel bilgisayar
  • Oyun Boyutu: 645 MB
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