Mouse İmleci İndir

Mouse İmleci İndir (2023) En Güzel 500 Fare İmleci Arşivi

Windows 11, Windows 10 ve Windows 8 için kullanabileceğiniz piyasadaki en iyi fare imleçlerini paylaşıyoruz. İşte mouse imleci indirmeniz için gerekli bağlantılar ve ekran görüntüleri…

1.Redglass Mouse Cursors


İndir: Red Glass

2. Night Diamond V2.0 | Sapphire Blue


İndir: Night Diamond

3. Portal Themed Cursor Set

portal themed mouse pointer

İndir: Portal

4. Aperture Cursors

aperture mouse cursors

İndir: Aperture Mouse Cursors

5. My Little Pony Cursors

my little pony mouse cursor

İndir: MLP

6. Vocaloid Cursors V5

vocaloid mouse pointer

İndir: Vocaloid

7. Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 01


İndir: Neon Rainbow 1

8. Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 02

neon1 mouse cursor

İndir: Neon Rainbow 2

9. Windows 7 Remixed Cursors


The Windows 7 Remixed Cursors has a simple collection of colors and circles at the same time. This set is cool to use with a straightforward design. However, if you are looking to do a complete overhaul of the standard cursor, this probably won’t be a good choice. The only difference between Remixed Cursors and the standard Windows cursor is that the former has different colors. The overall look of the mouse cursor remains unaffected and the same.

Download Windows 7 Remix Cursors

10. Glowing Aero Cursor Pack

glowing aero

The Glowing Aero Cursor Pack Windows cursors come with a glowing blue halo. With a simple and fresh look, the cursor set also contains some animated mouse cursors.

Download Glowing Aero

11. Black Royale Cursor Pack


The Black Royale Cursor Pack is specially made for lovers of the black color. The type of animated cursors in this pack are Help, Busy, and Loading. You can install this with an INF file.

Download Black Royale

12. Revolver Cursors (Up To 48 Pixels)


İndir: Revolver Cursor

13. Billiard Ball Cursors


This one is for Billiard Ball lovers. It is a combination of numbers and balls with different colors Sprite.

Download Billiard Ball

14. Goki’s Hand Cursors


For all those who don’t know a thing about Goki, he’s a character from an anime called Kishen Douji Zenki. The Goki’s hand cursors set has a zip file containing ten cursors. These cursors with MSPaint. The color palette is from Goki’s in-game sprite.

Download Goki’s Hand Cursors

15. Deep Dip Mouse Cursor Set


Deep Dip is a set of elegant mouse cursors. These cute cursors are made up of tiny golden droplets. If you love a unique and intricate mouse icon, this pointer set will not disappoint you.

Download Deep Dip

16. Breeze Cursors


İndir: Breeze Cursors

17. Blue Label Cursor Set

blue 1

Blue Label Cursor is perfect for the people who love the blue color. These cursors look as if they are made of water bubbles. Having these cool cursors will freshen up the look of your desktop. The set is small-sized cursors with simple designs.

Download Blue Label Cursor Set

18. Zood


İndir: Zood

19. M33mt33n Cursors


İndir: m33mt33n

20. MoonShine_v2


İndir: Moonshine Cursors

21. KCursors


İndir: kCursors

22. Glass Cursors


İndir: Glass Cursors

23. ‘Dark’ Glass Cursors


İndir: Dark Glass Cursors

24. Comix Cursors Blue


İndir: Comix

25. Azenis


İndir: Azenis

26. Outer Limits


İndir: Outer Limits

27. Grey Tango-White


İndir: Grey Tango

28. BTS Cursor 3


İndir: BTS

29. McCrack Pack Cursors


İndir: McCrack Pack Cursors

30. Cursores Fantasmas – Ghost Cursors – Halloween

cursores fantasmas best mouse cursors

İndir: Cursores Fantasmas

31. Numix Cursors

numix cursors mouse pointers

İndir: Numix cursors

32. Oxygen Cursors

oxygen cursors mouse pointer

İndir: Oxygen cursors

33. El Capitan Mouse Cursors For Windows 10

el capitan cursors

İndir: El Capitan cursors

34. Android Material Cursors

android material cursors mouse cursor

İndir: Android Material Cursors

35. Gaia 10 Cursor Set

Gaia 10 cursors

İndir: Gaia 10 Cursor Set

36.  DIM Cursors

dim cursors mouse cursor

İndir: DIM Cursors

37. GTCC Cursors

gtcc cursors cool cursors

İndir: GTCC Cursors

38. EvolutionOS

evolutionos cool cursors

İndir: EvolutionOS Cursors

39. Chrome Glass


İndir: Chrome Glass

40. Krystall

krystall mouse icons

İndir: Krystall

41. Zune’D Animated Cursors

zune d animated curor

İndir: ZUne’D Animated Cursors

42. StarCraft 2 Cursors

starcraft 2 mouse pointers

İndir: StarCraft 2 Cursors

43. Vigyori

vigyori mouse icon

İndir: Vigyori

44. Mickey Mouse Cursors

mickey mouse cursors cute cursors

İndir: Mickey Mouse Cursors

45. Star Wars Reloaded Mouse Cursors

star wars cool cursors

İndir: Star Wars Reloaded

‎Windows için 25 En İyi Fare İmleçlerini veya İşaretçilerini İndirin 11 / 10‎

Numix Cursors

İndir: Numix Cursors

Polar Cursors

The polar cursor set was originally made for Linux by Eric Matthews, inspired by a similar custom cursor theme for Linux. It comes with three combinations of sets, white mouse pointers with red, white mouse pointers with green, and white mouse pointers with blue for some cursors. You can install them by running .inf files available in packages.

Download Polar

Oxygen Cursors

The KDE team creates oxygen Cursors. It is one of the most famous mouse pointers, with 37 different color schemes, e.g., black, blue, blue curve, brown, cherry, dessert, green, grey, etc.

Download Oxygen Cursors

Android Material Cursors (Blue)

İndir: Download GTCC Cursors

El Capitan Cursors for Windows

İndir: Metro X Cursor Set

Gaia 10 Cursors

İndir: Gaia 10 Cursors

Gant Cursor Pack


İndir: Direction Cursors

Mario Gant Cursors

İndir: Mario Gant Cursors

UNDERSized Cursors

İndir: UNDERSized Cursors

Rainbow Cursors

Metro X3 Cursor Set

Mickey Mouse

İndir: Mickey Mouse Cursors

macOS Sierra Retina cursors


Capitaine cursors


Cursor Manager


WoW Cursors


Star Wars Reloaded


Chrome Glass


İndir: Chrome Glass

Gaia10 Cursors

İndir: Gaia10 Cursors

Portal Themed Cursor Set


EVO Custom Cursors

İndir: EVO Custom Cursors

Wii Cursors

İndir: Wii Cursors